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Hope Gilmore grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana where her parents deeply encouraged her and her siblings’ creativity. At a young age, she was influenced by her mother’s love for and her sister’s talent in music and grew to love all genres including indi, folk, rock, oldies, hip hop, pop, jazz, r&b, rap, instrumental, and gospel.

She grew up singing in her school and 1,000 member church, where she was very encouraged to lead others in her gift. Hope graduated with a B.S. in Theatre in Northern Louisiana at Northwestern State University. Her experiences with friends in college allowed her to write more freely and enabled her to begin collaborating with other musicians and to begin the process of recording.

Hope has found this outlet of communicating to be the one that brings her the most joy in that she is able to clearly articulate and relate to others her thoughts, emotions and dreams. Hope believes that while music has the ability to make one cry it also has the power to make the soul dance. So “let our souls dance”, she says. She is now very pleased to release her first complete 15 song album entitled “Waking Up the Ruins”.

Just a few of Hope’s favorite artists include Coldplay, Sigur Ros, U2, Sarah McLachlan, Mutemath, The Doves, Butterfly Boucher, Pete Yorn, the Beatles and the New Radicals. Hope’s music has been referred to as “beautiful”, “pure”, “rich” and “catchy”. Her voice has been called a siren, despite its soft lulling quality. In this particular album, “Waking Up the Ruins”, she views it as more of a journey over the past 10 years in which she learned much about true healing and love. In her earlier years, Hope’s music was more soft and gentle whereas over the past few years she has branched more into her wild roots. She prides herself in the diversity yet simplicity of it and looks forward to producing future albums that will become more complex but always maintain the same heart.

Messiah Omasaos Photography

Messiah Omasaos Photography

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