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So I was walking down the steps, about to exit the building, when someone in front of me looks behind me and excitedly says, “Oh it’s Oprah”. I glanced behind me but decided to go on my way, for fear of being part of the coming annoyance, when then and there I slipped and fell on my butt, right in front of Oprah Winfrey! It took me a second to get up because I felt tired and weak, but I eventually got up and she came towards me. Her adoring fan yelled to her, “you’re good!”. She humbly accepted it but as she looked towards me I sensed her doubt and a desire for reassurance. It was weird, she looked at me almost as if she knew me. So as she came towards me I looked her straight in the face and said “You are good Oprah. You’re really good at what you do.” She politely said “thanks” and seemed to gravitate towards me, then came in for a hug! While we hugged I said “God loves you, He does.” She took it with a grain of salt and then started walking with me and talking to me like we were old friends. I went through the first door, then opened the 2nd for her, while asking which way she was going. She pointed to the right and moved quickly, but let me walk alongside with ease. I was relieved I didn’t have anywhere to be at the moment. I went off into a bit of a daze and when I came back she was talking about some girl named Heather and Heather’s mom, whom Oprah was apparently close friends with. She laughed at something funny that happened with Heather’s mom, that I somehow should have known about, so I laughed along. Then we came to a corner where we were passing “Lui Lee’s” Restaurant and she told me her friend, Debra, owned it, but she had never gotten a chance to try it. I told her I had been there before, and how it was a little ironic that my friend Ray Lee was the one that took me. I told Oprah all about Ray and his restaurant knowledge and that he had told me it was one of the top restaurants in the area. She was happy to know how much I enjoyed the food and said something to the affect of “Well hell, Debra would!”. I laughed and we continued walking, the closer we got to her destination the more curious I got about how comfortable she was with me. We came upon a group of her friends sitting at a table in an open air cafe, with an empty chair waiting for her. It was obvious to me that this was an important meeting for which I was not invited, so I began to walk backwards in order to somehow wiggle my way out of the awkward situation of no longer feeling I should be there. She looked back at me saying she liked my haircut. I replied, “thanks” and then she introduced me to her friends as Heather. I had to gather my thoughts as I quickly realized that the whole time Oprah thought I was her friend’s daughter. Then she said, “take off your sunglasses and let me see your face”. I walked closer to the table to begin my speech for what felt like the the introduction to the Gettysburg address. I could say nothing but “Oh no, I’m sorry, please don’t think Oprah is crazy, or that I am crazy, but apparently she mistook me for her friend’s daughter. I am not Heather…” for the last part I decided it best to remove my sunglasses, then stated, “I am Hope.” Oprah looked at me shocked and appalled with even a bit of disgust and I could do nothing but turn around and walk away quickly and quietly.

Then I woke up this morning and pondered a while on my funny dream.

January starts with a Bang!

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I’m super excited to start the new new year (twenty twelve!!)  with a show at a venue I’ve been dying to rock.

Saturday, January 21st at 7:00pm sharp, the Boys and I will be playing a set at Arlene’s Grocery, it’s gonna be funkaaay!!! We’re constantly writing new tunes, so there will be at least 1 new song. And if you missed out on the A-21 Benefit Concert you can check out the vids here.


Arlene’s Grocery: 95 Stanton St. New York, NY 10002

Jan. 21st, 7:00pm sharp, in other words 6:50. ;)

$10 cover. Must be 21 and older!


SO bring your ID and let them know who you’re there to see,

so we can be recognized for rockin dem beats

Bring all your friends, but more importantly bring yourself. ;)

And have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!



-Hope G.















Red Lion Vids are up!

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If you missed it, the Red Lion Videos are up from the A-21 Benefit Concert on 9/19/11! Do it!

A-21 Benefit Concert Report & Artist of the Month!

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Hello beautifuls!

The September 19th Benefit Concert was an incredible success! About 50 people showed up in support of the cause to watch me and 3 other singer songwriters rock our jams. Elana Brody opened up the show wailing out some meaty tunes while pounding the ivory keys. She was followed by the beautiful Trinidad native, Annya Li, who graced us with lovely acoustic melodies as well as a wicked Caribbean style rap. Then I along with my sister, Faith Gilmore, sang our songs for the remainder of the benefit. It was awesome to be able to back one another up with sisterly harmonies. Faith’s vivacious performance included songs from her latest album, Bold as Lions, and I sang about 7 of my own tunes, one of them being a newbie entitled “Traffic”, based on the issue at hand. Thanks to David Glickstein (guitar), Jason Arce (guitar), Johnny Wolf (cajon) and their hard work in playing both of our tunes the set went smoothly.

It was evident that the room was filled with a incredible energy and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable evening. Much thanks to the generous donations of the guests in attendance, a $100 donation from The Red Lion, and A-21 merchandise that was sold, together we raised nearly $600. I am so blessed to have had the help of everyone that made the idea of this show a reality, and now because of it women and men who have been trafficked will receive much needed aid and more people are aware. Approximately 27 million people are trafficked in order to generate $40 billion a year. I hope to continue raising  awareness of this terrible crime and ask that you take the time to see what you can do in your own community to bring about recognition of the harsh reality of what some people will do to make a dollar.

Also I am currently NYC Tastemakers’ Artist of the Month! Go here to see!

Thanks so much for your support!



Benefit Concert!!

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A benefit concert!! Drinks and Entertainment all for an incredible cause!!!
Monday, September 19th- 7:45pm-10pm
The Red Lion (Restaurant & Bar)
151 Bleecker St. NY NY 10012

There will be a $10 Suggested Donation @ the door. 90% of the proceeds will go towards the “A-21 Campaign” to aid victims of human trafficking! Please visit: for more info

There will be several drink specials:
$3 PBR cans, $4 Domestic Drafts, $5 Well Drinks

Hope Gilmore (









Faith Gilmore (








Annya Li (











Elana Brody (






Please come out and show your support! There’s plenty of space to fill and fun to be had by all!



Haught Summer!

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My these hot summer days are slipping away, time is flying. I am currently searching for a generous venue willing to host a benefit show. Anyone want to help? There will be at least 4 lovely female performers involved.

Better late than NEVUH!

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Happy June!

The weather today (in New York that is) is delightful, gorgeous, splendid, amazing!

We just wrapped up a great show at the National Underground last Thursday night. We implemented some new sounds via keyboard and performed our new song, Strangers. We will have some video footage in the next month or so. It was crazy hot on stage, but we made it work. Thanks so much to those who came out!

Here’s a hella cool vid my friend Hank Chen created as part of his MAY-AWAY give-away for the month of May. Check out the interview. And if you have a chance check out some of his others vids, he’s one funny guy. ;)



May Flowers bring awesome Rock Shows

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Happy Seis de Mayo! ;)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo. The guys and I are looking forward to our upcoming performance at the National Underground (upstairs!!) at the end of the month. The more people the merrier, and we need as many people as we can get there to help us book even more popular venues in the coming months. Come out while there’s no cover. :) In the meantime happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of the beautiful mothers out there. I love you momszy!

Thursday, May 26th, 9:00 sharp!                                                                                                                                                                  National Underground (upstairs!)                                                                                                                                                                          159 East Houston, NY, NY                                                                                                                                                                                Closest to the F train


My thoughts on the current state of our country regarding Osama-

’tis better to share in the joy of our loved ones, rather than rejoice in the demise of our enemies.

Luke 6:27-28- check it out, it’s a goodun

Album on itunes and cdbaby BABY!

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Hello beautifuls,

My long awaited album, Waking Up the Ruins, is now available on itunes and cdbaby ! It’s $9.99 on itunes and $7.99 on cdbaby, of course one can also choose to download individual tracks. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years since we recorded the album. I am currently in the studio working on my next one, which shouldn’t take as long as this one, but all in due time. ;) As always thanks for listening!

Update 3-27-11

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Hello there!

A lot is going on as of late. The guys and I have been gigging quite frequently. We just had 3 shows in March! We’ve also been writing a lot of new tunes that we are all pretty stoked about. And if you missed out on the shows, don’t worry I’ve spent hours editing the videos and uploading them onto youtube. ;) Here’s a link to one of our newest songs, Games, from our recent performance at Best Buy in Chelsea, NYC. Also, I’ve been working on getting my first album, Waking Up the Ruins, on itunes and CDBaby for download. I’ll blast the internet when it’s available. Until then if you are interested in seeing the lyrics and album credits for the album you can simply click on the Album tab of this website and find that each song title has a link to the lyrics.


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