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Update on the Googie’s Lounge Show

Filed under: Music Genres,Updates — Hope on August 12, 2010 @ 12:22 am

For those who couldn’t make it out to Googie’s Lounge, above The Living Room, this past weekend, it was a great show. The band was tight and I didn’t forget any of my lyrics. ;) I did a cover of Cat Stevens’ song, If You Want to Sing Out, and I felt it went pretty swimmingly. Also we had a little bit of extra time at the end of our set, which I suspected we might. So without warning the band in advance I brought lyrics to a song I have been working on for the past year in hopes we could do a little improv music performance on stage. I asked my friend, Adam, who was going on after us, if he was ready to go on but he gave us the go ahead to do one more song. So while on stage I asked the band if they would be willing to try a little improv. It was my plan to just sing the melody I had written beforehand, but my piano player, Jason Arce, and my guitarist, David Glickstein, decided to take matters into their own hands and play something first that I should sing to…and I’m so glad they did. It’s funny because this song, “Island”, is all about letting go and moving in faith, letting go of control…. and the whole experience was exactly that for me. I began to sing to what they were playing and in only seconds it flowed together so smoothly and beautifully, it was truly an experience to remember. I was on a high for the rest of the night in awe of how amazing God is and how He works through us when we let go and allow Him to. And to my delight I woke up the next morning remembering the melody of the song and was able to record it. When I get a melody in my head for a song it’s hard for me to let go of and for so long I already had an idea of how I wanted this song to go, but I am finding joy in letting go of the way I see it and discovering that it can be better than what I imagined.
Before this show I didn’t feel ready to perform my own songs again and without asking for or seeking out this show and the next I truly feel that God plopped them into my lap and showed me it was His timing for me to perform again, not mine…and I’m so glad He did, because His timing is truly better. I feel alive again.

Googie's Lounge, 8/7/10

Googie's Lounge, 8/7/10

I was also blessed to hear Gideon Brown ( perform for the first time. What beautiful music! Moving piano with incredible voices, so lovely and great meeting them as well. And my friend, Adam Sullivan (, was wonderful as always, he ventured out and talked more throughout his set and I really enjoyed hearing the stories of his songs, it truly enhanced my experience.

Thanks so much to all who came and were able to share in this awesome experience. I hope even more can make it out this Saturday! Check out my Shows page for more info. ;)

Oprah Winfrey & Karaoke

Filed under: Updates — Hope on October 21, 2009 @ 12:35 am

A little over a week ago a close friend of mine suggested I enter Oprah Winfrey’s Karaoke contest. I thought about it a bit and figured if I was able to go onto the show and sing in front of thousands of people it could definitely help advance my singing career. When I looked into it I realized the submissions were due by this past Monday, October 19th. So I decided to take on the endeavor and I became more and more passionate about it each day. I was up late each night after work looking up lyrics to songs and finding their respective background tracks. My mind was constantly running trying to pick the perfect song. I knew I wanted it to be something fast because that’s normally what people sing karaoke and what I figured the judges would be attracted to.

My boyfriend really wanted to help me have the best submission, so he got it worked out so that we could go into a recording studio this past Sunday and get my vocals recorded professionally in order to have the best sound for the video. On Saturday I had pretty much decided I was going to do “You Only Get What You Give” by The New Radicals because I sing it pretty much every time I go to a karaoke joint. I love it so much it’s even my phone ring. But my boyfriend helped me realize that the judges would most likely want me to sing something by a female singer because in karaoke you should sound like the original artist. Sunday was the first day I actually had time to focus on my audition because of my work schedule. So I met my boyfriend around 12pm to really pick the right song and I decided on “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera. I listened to the song as much as I could, got the lyrics and background track and we headed to the studio. We were there all day from 3-8:30/9 and ended up getting a video we were satisfied with. We actually ended up not even using the vocal recording equipment and just the video camera because we realized it was against the rules to use any type of script, macro or automated equipment which would enable one to edit their submission. They wanted the raw video unedited. There were also other restrictions as far video size and file types. So we were at the studio for a long time trying to figure out how to get the video onto the computer, etc.

The next day, Monday, the submission had to be submitted onto the Oprah Winfrey website by 11:59pm Central time. So I got started early afternoon Monday and my friend who lent me her camera came over to help me work it properly. I implemented the files onto my computer, using imovie, cut out the one I picked and began trying to put it into the proper format to upload it onto the website. I filled out the info and submitted my file and the website said my file wasn’t the proper type, even though my computer showed me it was. I tried all I could, but the files I in the proper format either turned out too small or blurry. I called a friend who knows more about it than me, he couldn’t figure out the problem so I headed over to my boyfriend’s office to see if someone there could help. We ended up getting someone on the phone hours later and began sending him the files via the internet around 9pm. He helped us and when we finally got it in the proper and best viewable format it was about 12:15/12:30am (11:15/11:30pm central time). Our internet started acting up and every time we tried to upload the file the website crapped out. We then sent all of my info to be submitted with the video to the guy helping us so that he could try sending it in from his computer. Nothing worked…the website was too overloaded by everyone submitting at the same time. We tried until about 1:15 am and then when I got home I tried one last time but the upload page was no longer even available.

Even after leaving the office …when I thought nothing else could go wrong my subway card was used up and when I went to the MTA machine to get a new one my debit card was blocked for some odd reason. I ended up taking a cab and just having to use a credit card.

After all of that trouble I was so let down, because I truly believed I was going to have a chance. I was full of sadness and regret. But even throughout the whole day I was discouraged and full of doubt. Looking back I really wish I would have just had a better attitude despite my circumstances and tried with more hope and joy in the process, knowing that even if I couldn’t get my submission through it ultimately didn’t matter. I know that God knew this was going to happen and that He has a reason and a purpose and that He is always trying to teach me. I woke up this morning and finally made time for God, because I had pretty much shoved Him aside the past few days in my urgency to create the best audition.

I was so sad yesterday because it was like another huge reminder of the walls I seem to keep hitting when it comes to my dreams. But this morning I was reminded about what really matters . If you are interested in viewing my audition video you can go to this link:

Oprah Winfrey Karaoke Contest

What else am I going to use it for? Comments and critiques are welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

God bless!



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