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Album on itunes and cdbaby BABY!

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Hello beautifuls,

My long awaited album, Waking Up the Ruins, is now available on itunes and cdbaby ! It’s $9.99 on itunes and $7.99 on cdbaby, of course one can also choose to download individual tracks. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years since we recorded the album. I am currently in the studio working on my next one, which shouldn’t take as long as this one, but all in due time. ;) As always thanks for listening!

Update 3-27-11

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Hello there!

A lot is going on as of late. The guys and I have been gigging quite frequently. We just had 3 shows in March! We’ve also been writing a lot of new tunes that we are all pretty stoked about. And if you missed out on the shows, don’t worry I’ve spent hours editing the videos and uploading them onto youtube. ;) Here’s a link to one of our newest songs, Games, from our recent performance at Best Buy in Chelsea, NYC. Also, I’ve been working on getting my first album, Waking Up the Ruins, on itunes and CDBaby for download. I’ll blast the internet when it’s available. Until then if you are interested in seeing the lyrics and album credits for the album you can simply click on the Album tab of this website and find that each song title has a link to the lyrics.



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Faith Gilmore- Bold As Lions

If I had a way to blare it from the rooftops I would, if I had a supersonic magic megaphone that would reach the nations I’d use it for this: People are definitely prone to assume I am so enthusiastic merely because the subject matter is my sister, but trust me if she weren’t so freeking amazing as a singer/songwriter I wouldn’t waste my time. Faith Gilmore’s ( newest album, Bold as Lions, couldn’t be more relevant and more enjoyable. The production quality is top notch and Faith’s voice has been stretched to a whole new level. I am having trouble picking a favorite track, it’s probably a tie between five different songs. Faith has somewhat created a new genre using a language in song that sings to Jerusalem in pop form. This album is a message to the nations on both a personal and global level. I find it to be nothing less than important, catchy, intimate, beautiful, deep and super professional in quality. I am convicted to say that this album encourages our spirits to be lifted and aids us in reaching truth. Do yourself a favor and check it out on itunes now. Faith Gilmore: Bold as Lions

“We were tall in the saddle, Giants Among Men”

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A wonderful friend and past writing partner of mine, Jarred McCaulley, recently released his new album "Giants Among Men" on itunes. For those folk artist fans Jarred is definitely right up your alley. I was quite delighted upon listening to his album in full. In a word the album is magical. The song "Clean Your Guns Boys" is obviously the clincher of the record, but in my non-expertise opinion "Letters" really tugs on the heartstrings. It's quite beautiful. That was the one I re-played immediately upon the album's end. The majority of this work is pretty nostalgic as Jarred has managed to place himself in the mindset of the imaginary boy he once was. Like Jarred, "Giants Among Men" is quite witty, smart and romantic. I haven't really heard Jarred perform since college, so it's nice to hear how he has grown and explored new ways to use his voice. In hearing the vocal versatility it allows the listener to follow more closely to the heart of the song because of the added character in each song. Check out Jarred McCaulley on itunes!
Congrats Jarred!

The Vettes pretty much rock my face off

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So Ok, not that they are desperate for the publicity, but I thought I’d give a shout out for my acquaintance Rachel, lead singer of The Vettes…I use the term “acquaintance” because we’re definitely not besties or anything, but my brother introduced me to her a couple years back at one of her concerts and we kept in touch a bit via cyberspace. Anyway, I’ve been listening to them on my ipod nonstop the past few days….the “T.V” Ep I bought like a year ago.

If you haven’t heard of The Vettes…it’s one of the best examples of awesome chick rock, which is funny because the band is all guys, minus the lead. The Vettes consist of 4 brothers and the one sister… Rachel. Their last name is actually just that cool.

I definitely recommend them..especially if you like No Doubt’s earlier work. They have a bit of a poppy 80′s sound to them..with the synthesizer and what not. What really stands out to me about them is their awesome stage presence. Rachel definitely lets her wild side out and doesn’t hold much back. You can definitely expect to see her dropping to the ground at least once, her long hair flying to and fro and her to be covered in major bling.

“Give ‘em What they Want” is my favorite song by them…so far. (It touches on the reality of famous young girls who try so hard to give the public what they want that it turns to self destruction.) Rachel wrote her song “Kill Me Now” out of  frustration when all of her 21 year old friends were getting married and having babies…pretty funny. The Vettes have just released their full album entitled “Walk like Models”, which includes songs from the Ep as well as a song with the album title. And it’s now available on itunes. I’m pretty sure  I saw an itunes commercial with an instrumental version of “Give ‘em What they Want” on television about a year ago also. That was pretty exciting. Since then they’ve gotten more of the publicity they deserve, but perhaps not enough! You rock my face off Vettes!

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