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Just Look Over Your Shoulder Honey, ooh!

Filed under: Music Genres — Hope on July 10, 2009 @ 2:04 pm

Every once in a while I find myself on a dance floor trying to moonwalk; sadly I have not been able to master it. Michael Jackson wasn’t in fact the first one to do the moonwalk. It was actually first recorded by a tap dancer named Bill Bailey in 1955, then it was redone by the mime Marcel Marceau and later by David Bowie, then by James Brown all before Michael Jackson made it his own. But Michael Jackson did indeed make it popular. Not only did he reinvent the moonwalk, but he reinvented himself so many times over the years that it caused concern. But what the King of Pop will always be remembered for is his amazing ability to write so many passionate songs that touched millions of people over so many generations. He won 13 Grammy awards and had 13 number 1 singles and sold over 750 million records. Up to one billion people watched his recent memorial service. I have definitely been moved by many of Michael’s songs, I’m pretty sure my two favorites are “Earth Song” and “Will You Be There”. My favorite part of “Earth Song” has always been the simple ah aah aah’s Michael sings. There is so much passion seeping out of that recording. It’s songs like that that make the listener not only feel but also feel like they know the artist. Michael was so naked (open and bearing all) in the way he performed, which is why I believe he had so many die hard fans. I would even say to the extent that thousands, perhaps even millions, were borderline psychotic fans. But perhaps that is also due to the fame and the fact that some people believe that because someone is famous they are untouchable and god-like in a sense. Anyway, enough about psycho fans who would literally cry in their eagerness to touch Michael Jackson’s arm. I first heard “Will You Be There” when I saw Free Willy in 1993. I was 10 years old. I think the reason I wanted to see that movie so much was due to the hype that the song “Will You Be There” triggered in the previews. The song really brought to life the fact that Willy was finally free and that because of it Jesse was too. Michael’s songs had a lot of diversity, but most of his hits were pretty uplifting. He promised to be there along with his brothers in “I’ll Be There”, he encouraged us to make the world a better place in “Heal the World”, and he truly cared about bonding the human race in “Black or White”. I believe that through hearing those songs people were motivated to make a change in their own lives for the better. Wherever you are today know that God is right over your shoulder and has created you for a specific purpose, to make a specific change…and while you’re at it try and do the moonwalk, some of you may not have to try as hard as me.

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