The Band

David Glickstein- is the current front lining Guitarist for Hope Gilmore.

Jason Arce- is the current front lining Pianist/Sax player for Hope Gilmore.

Cheryl Paswater- is a guitarist who has written several songs with Hope Gilmore, performed on her album, Waking up the Ruins, and who gigged with Hope in NYC for about a year. At the age of 16 she taught herself to play guitar. At 22 she picked up bass guitar and later added percussion and a few others to her repertoire. In the past she has played on varying church worship teams and in several bands including Aziel and The Well. She currently pursues her talents in creating visual art.

Mick Bouschor- has written several songs with Hope Gilmore, performed on her album, Waking up the Ruins, and gigged with Hope in NYC for about a year doing keys/piano. He began studying classical piano at the age of 9 and was later inspired to study percussion (drum kit), marimba, and vibraphone. He currently plays keys at his church and is working professionally as an animator.

Joshua Brown- is a drummer who added percussion to several of Hope Gilmore’s songs, performed on her album, Waking up the Ruins, and who gigged with Hope in NYC for about a year. He is currently a member of the newly formed band, Roam ( He is a self-taught drummer who has been playing for about 9 1/2 years. Josh has played for various artists from contemporary to folk rock. Joshua expanded his knowledge of playing while managing a drum shop. He is currently working on an online website which seeks to build community and appreciation for drummers while making custom kits and drum gear available to them. (

Chris Ware- is Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter, who has participated in both the writing and recording process of “Waking up the Ruins”. Chris put the guitar to “Benjamin”, “Flicker”, and “Out of My Hands”. He played for Hope in her earlier performance stages in New York. He majored in theatre at Northwestern State University, along with Hope, where he was also a part of the NSU chamber choir. He is currently a very talented working actor in New York City, participating in several traveling plays, including “Les Miserables”.

Justin Randolph- is a Pianist and Singer/ Songwriter. Justin is the piano player on “January”, the first song on “Waking up the Ruins”. He helped Hope write and produce this song shortly after she graduated from college, which is where they met and worked alongside one another in a campus drama ministry. Together they also wrote the original versions of “Calling My Name”, “Ride” and “Indiana”. He and his wife, Bethany, currently reside in Dallas, where they are fully involved in the Wycliffe Bible Translators Ministry. They often sing and song-write together.

Ann Lam- is a Violinist, who received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Maryland and her Master of Music degree from SUNY Purchase. Ann is a member of Camerata Notturna, a chamber orchestra based in New York City. She also teaches and
freelances in the New York metropolitan area. Hope was blessed to have her show up last minute and add her creative style to the song “Closer”.

Jarred McCauley- is a Guitarist and Singer/ Songwriter who also helped Hope in the earlier stages of recording in college. He gave her advice in the writing process of “Ride”, and wrote the original guitar to “Indiana”. He helped her and Justin record at his home in Natchitoches, La. Jarred and his wife, Rachel, had a folk band called Skyline Blue for a few years, which began before college. Jarred is currently recording solo albums and is training to be a police officer in Arkansas, where he and his wife reside.

Adam Sullivan- is a Pianist & Singer/Songwriter who played for Hope in her earlier stages in New York. He wrote the original piano to “Flicker” and “Out of My Hands”. Hope found Adam on Myspace through their equal interest in one another’s music. He is currently performing his own material at local venues in New York City.

Heather Wolfe- A Singer/ Songwriter, who is not on the album but currently acts as the backup singer for Hope Gilmore’s live performances. Heather sometimes writes some of her own material. The two met and became close friends through their participation in their church band.

Caleb Elliott Williams- A Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter, who wrote the original guitar for “Perfect Maze”. He is studying biology in Louisiana and currently gigs 3-4 nights a week there. He has a solo album entitled “The World Before Me”.

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